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Dear Subscriber — 

After a long, pandemic-forged impasse, we return to your inbox with some big (and, we think, exciting) news: we’re back (at long last), bigger (by one) and better (without question) than ever.

As of today, The Intercollegiate has officially merged with Extra Points, the terrific college sports newsletter written by Matt Brown. As part of our consolidation, Extra Points will now become the exclusive newsletter of The Intercollegiate and Newsletter of Intent will cease publication. What this means, logographically, is that our quizzical bulldog mascot, FOIA Saxa, will now be sporting a football helmet while guarding the gates at Extra Points.

Matt will continue on as Extra Points’ lead author, but the newsletter, like everything else under our newly-formed, joint entity, The Collegiate Model, LLC (h/t the NCAA), will be a collaborative effort.

Current Newsletter of Intent subscribers will automatically begin receiving Extra Points’ two free emailed dispatches each week. We hope that you will be inclined to pay the $7 monthly (or $70/year) subscription fee to receive all four weekly issues.

The Intercollegiate’s future long-form reporting hauls will now be published to our relaunched website; we will be dropping our next big story and public-records payload later this week.

As it turned out, our sporadic writing never truly leant itself to the newsletter format. Extra Points, on the other hand, provides the kind of enduring coverage and conversation that meets the medium.

Before making Extra Points his going concern, Matt spent seven years in charge of SB Nation's college team brand programming. He is a deep and critical thinker, a fellow public records junkie, and a kindred spirit on how journalism ought to be treating this domain of inquiry.

Our hope is that, by joining forces, we can make our collective work a long-term viability. For, we are at the mercy of support from people like you.

Also returning today is The Intercollegiate Podcast, which will resume its weekly schedule. The latest episode features a news-making conversation between Daniel and U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), a leading Congressional proponent of college athlete rights reform. They discuss the unique political bipartisanship that has emerged around NIL reform; its current state of play in Washington; and why former President Barack Obama barely addressed this issue while he was in office. Murphy also says that the NCAA is “probably an illegal monopoly.”

You can listen to the episode on the website or download it from any number of your preferred podcasting apps.

So, yes, we are back and ready to take on what should be the most fascinating college sports season of our lives: a season that may never take place. As journalists who have been most attuned to the off-field issues, anyway, we feel well-suited for this moment.

Thank you for your continued support.


Daniel Libit & Luke Cyphers

p.s. The Intercollegiate and Extra Points merch is forthcoming!

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